Paparoa A&P Show

North Kaipara Agricultural Association

A & P SHOW DAY 03.02.2018 09:00 AM 16 Days 17 Hr. 54 Min.
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Joint Cattle Section Supervisor/s: Sue Clayton


Cattle entries come through the main Showground entry gate. Once inside simply follow directions. Parking is beside the cattle pavillion.

Adults: $10
Children: $5 per child for the first two children with all under 5 year olds free
Free Gate Entry if you are a Member of the North Kaipara Agricultural Association Inc. and/or are the holder of a District Show Pass.
For an annual subscription of $15.00 exhibitors can become members of the North Kaipara Agricultural Association Inc. (NKAA).
Membership provides free entry to the Paparoa A&P Show (saves $10) as well as 11 other A&P Shows in Northland and Auckland.
Entrants also receive a 25% ($1.50) discount on entry fees for the Cattle events at the Paparoa Show (the normal $6.00 entry fee is reduced to $4.50 per entry).
For further details, contact - Ann Butler (027) 3335589


All Exhibitors agree to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the various regulations associated with that Act.  The North Kaipara Agricultural Association Inc. will not accept responsibility in any claim from any person resulting from non-compliance with the Act.

Livestock Exhibitors must follow the instructions of Stewards and Officials. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring animals are kept under control at all times. The North Kaipara Agricultural Association Inc. reserves the right to order immediate removal from the Showgrounds of any animal it considers dangerous, unruly or unmanageable.
Late entries will not be accepted for Breed classes on the day. Calf Club entries will close at 8.30 am to allow the classes to begin at 9.00 am. Please note that calves entered for this section must be born on or after June 1st, 2016. Young Handlers’ entries will close at 12 noon to allow classes to begin at 12.30 pm. Ages of exhibitors as at 1st October 2016.
(for competitors only) – After unloading your animals, please park your trucks, floats, trailers, etc., in the area behind the Cattle Pavilion. Keep the ramp free for others to use.
Unauthorised dogs are not allowed anywhere on the Showgrounds. They will be required to be removed immediately from the grounds and any competitor with an unauthorised dog will be disqualified.
Dogs allowed by legislation e.g. guide dogs or police dogs and competition dogs are permitted on the Showgrounds.
Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the Show Grounds.
  • Unregistered animals may be entered into breed classes, but they must be of a specific breed – no crossbreeds will be permitted.
  • Rosettes, ribbons and any prize money will be to third place only. Cups, trophies and beef section prizes will be presented at the conclusion of the All Beef Breeds classes in the afternoon.   Although Cups and Trophies cannot be taken home there will be opportunity for winners to have their photograph taken with them. Photographs may be used in publicity opportunities. Cups and Trophies will be displayed in a cabinet in the Sports Pavilion after being engraved with the winner’s details.
  • A Novice Class will replace the Junior Cattle Classes but will still be for yearling heifers or steers – no bulls allowed. It will now be judged as in a Breed class.
  • With no scheduled break for morning tea or lunch competitors are asked to take their refreshments when they can e.g. between classes.


  • Young children/babies are not allowed in the cattle section i.e. stalls, washdown areas, loading ramp, etc. There are loading facilities near the cattle pavilion.   
  • No abuse of animals will be tolerated at any time.
  • All bulls 15 months and over to have a nose ring and two leads plus be well secured in stalls.  
  • Noseclips and extra leads are advised for any other animal which may be nervous/troublesome on the day.   
  • Anyone involved with the show cattle is advised to wear protective footwear
  • Animals' birth dates to be shown. For all animals one year or older a current TB clearance form is required. All cattle must have official identification tags including NAIT.

PRESENTATION OF TROPHIES (at conclusion of last event)
George Smith Cup - Champion Bull Calf
George Smith Cup – Champion Yearling
Donaldson Cup - Senior Male/Female Champion Hereford
Lockwood Smith Cup - Supreme All Breed Champion
Challenge Cup (A.B McKenzie) - Best Beef bred by Northland exhibitor
Realtown Maungaturoto Cup - Champion Small Beef Breeds Animal
North Kaipara Aggregate Cup