Paparoa A&P Show

North Kaipara Agricultural Association

A & P SHOW DAY 03.02.2018 09:00 AM 16 Days 17 Hr. 54 Min.
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Team Roping Schedule

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A bit of history

16 years ago the Team Roping Arena was only 50 metres long and about 5 metres higher than it is currently. The surface was clay which did not respond well to wet weather. Back then the OSH safety requirements were not so stringent and it was basically understood that you entered the arena at your own risk, and it could well be risky.
Competitions such as a barrel race where you had to drink a can of beer at the last barrel before the run home were huge crowd pleasers but definitely could not be tolerated in today’s environment.

However everyone had a huge amount of fun and the combination of hot sun and plenty of liquid refreshments has left us with some entertaining stories. One day a land rover was backed up the bank to provide grandstand seating late in the day which managed to set fire to the pampas & gorse which then surrounded the Arena. An impressive public display by our local firefighters extinguished the blaze which further added to the day’s excitement.

The Northern Districts Team Roping Club took over the management of the Arena including the Show Day event and proceeded, with the co-operation of the N.K.A.A. to make improvements over the years. The Arena has been lowered and enlarged, drained & had sand surface added to make it a more weather resistant facility. Stock loading pens, bucking chutes & time event boxes have been installed.

It is now a very functional and suitable Arena for the Team Roping Club.

Entries on the day – From 8.00am
Competition Starts 9.00am
Any enquiries please phone: Pat Robinson 09 4316327, Jan Robinson 09 4316061

Order of Events

Event 2 - 11, Entry Fee - $4.00 per event – (non-prize money)
(Open Barrel Race & Team Roping as per below)
  1.  Team Roping (1st Go-Round of 3 Go-Rounds)(Entry $25)
  2.  Bending Race
  3.  Flag Race
  4.  Steer Daubing
  5.  Novice Barrel
  6.  Calf Ride
  7.  Steer/Bull Ride
  8.  Breakaway Roping
  9.  Rawhide Drag
  10. Steer Penning
  11. Open Barrel Race (Jackpot - $10 entry – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize-money)
  12. Team Roping (Go-Rounds 2 & 3) (Jackpot – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize-money)
(Team Roping is points approved for NDTRC)

All competitors enter at their own risk. Indemnity form must be signed before competing. Competitors are encouraged to wear safety helmets and equipment.

The Team Roping & Barrel Racing completion events are held on the second weekend of every month, Saturday afternoon & Sunday mornings from October through to April (weather permitting). Some changes are made to this schedule to fit in with rodeos, which our members compete in all around the country. The Club tries to have a practice Wednesday afternoon/evening through the summer months & welcomes any enquiry on these exciting & fun sports events.