Paparoa A&P Show

North Kaipara Agricultural Association

A & P SHOW DAY 03.02.2018 09:00 AM 16 Days 17 Hr. 54 Min.
Check out these wonderful people who help protect our future through their generosity.
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There are several types of membership, each conferring special benefits.

Association Members

This is only for adults and the membership fee is $15.00.

Association members have a say in the running of the North Kaipara Agricultural Association Inc. and can be on the General Committee. You get to vote at Association meetings and have direct contact with the Association Executive.

Your membership card gives you free admission to the Paparoa A&P Show.
You also receive a complimentary set of Royal A&P Society (RAS) Members District Tickets. These allow you to go to any or all of 12 A&P Shows listed without having to pay any entrance fees. You simply surrender the relevant coupon at the gate for the Show you are attending. You can quickly recover the cost of your subscription by attending other Shows.
The combined savings value of the RAS tickets is around $150.00. Also, because you can enter our A&P Show using your Membership Card you can use the extra Paparoa A&P Show District Tickets to bring a relative or a friend free of charge.
Also a major advantage for competitors is that they are entitled to a 25% discount on entry fees for equestrian, cattle & dairy goat events.