Paparoa A&P Show

North Kaipara Agricultural Association

A & P SHOW DAY 03.02.2018 09:00 AM 16 Days 17 Hr. 54 Min.
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Changing Focus

The agricultural sector in New Zealand has changed significantly over the years. Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) Shows have had to change and adapt to stay relevant and popular.  NKAA works hard to keep the Paparoa A&P Show as an interesting, fun event for the whole family.
Gone are the days when we all rode a horse and naturally entered the Equestrian Section at our local Show. However the Equestrian Section of the Paparoa A&P Show, continues to be very strong and is a major attraction.
We still have a well-supported Cattle Section even though we have seen a marked decline in the number of purebred stud animals and an increase in cross breeds, which of course do not appear at the Show.
The Dairy section at the Show has disappeared while Miniature Horses, Beef Cattle and Dairy Goat sections have grown.
A Ferris wheel was a noted attraction at the Show, but unfortunately the Larkin Sideshow family, who were responsible for supplying this attraction, moved to Australia and their Ferris wheel went with them.
However, we are delighted to report that our market stalls and trade sites have increased in number and also variety.
The Team Roping Group have developed their arena and are now a great attraction for Show goers with their rodeo and bull riding events. Classic Cars, Wood Chopping and Shearing continue to be very important attractions.
Unfortunately, we no longer have the dance after the Show, dog trials or highland dancers although the Agility Dogs give a great display.
The Indoor Section has changed its schedule to include classes that reflect our changing skills. Today not many people can do tatting, but we have some amazing photographers, artists, horticulturists and of course the children’s work, who enter as individuals and through the school art work section.
So even though we no longer have a grand parade of animals, we are confident that we still have something for everyone. And being a February show usually the weather is great!!

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