Gorgeous Goats, Captivating Cattle, BREATHTAKING bulls

Livestock at the Paparoa Show! (North Kaipara Show)

When A & P shows first started in New Zealand, back in 1859, they were purely competitions featuring farm animals and crops, designed to demonstrate excellence and promote good breeding. 

The live stock tradition is still very much alive today. 

Breeders from across the region come together at Paparoa and show the hard work and skill that goes into rearing exceptional animals. Despite it being a competitive event, breeders will share tips and advice because theres is a commonality of love and respect for the animals.

The show attracts pedigree cattle of various breeds. Beautifully presented, calm animals, that allow you to get up close and personal. These majestic creatures are a true credit to their owners and to the industry over all.

Don't miss the Dairy Goats! They are quiet beautiful pedigree animals with the most beautiful soft, clean and shiny coats. Breeders put endless hours of preparation and grooming into their gorgeous goats.There are Doe and Buck specialist breed categories and the Pet Goat section too, where competitors, among other things, must demonstrate their goats skill in handling obstacles. Adorable and highly entertaining. 

Our priority is for everyone to have a great day out at the show and to get home safely at the end of the day. So we kindly ask that you familiarise yourself with the showground rules here.  

Gate Fees

Adults - $10,

Children - $5 per child for first two children. All others are free.

All Under 5's - Free.

NKAA Members - Free
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