Fast, furious and a FIERCELY fought competition

Woodchopping at Paparoa Show!

Woodchopping is a heritage sport that dates back to the 1870's and is thought to be the original 'extreme sport'! 

NZ forests were the breeding ground for some of the country's most rugged axemen and sawyers. Those pioneering athletes held contests amongst themselves to see who were the best when it came to felling trees and processing logs and those contests form the basis of the sport we know today.

The Woodchopping competition is an absolute thrill to watch. The combination of athleticism and technique together with power and strength and the ever present danger element, makes this event one of the highlights of the show. Grab yourself a ring-side bale and buckle in for an impressive performance from some of the countries finest axemen.

Our priority is for everyone to have a great day out at the show and to get home safely at the end of the day. We kindly ask that you familiarise yourself with the showground rules here. Thank you.

Gate Fees

Adults - $10,

Children - $5 per child for first two children. All others are free.

All Under 5's - Free.

NKAA Members - Free
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